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Marcelay Beach house is a family owned vacation house situated on the unspoiled North shore of Prince Edward Island. The warm waters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence are only 50 yards from the door! At St. Margarets, the Bear River meets the ocean and gives the beach its name. The natural beauty of this shoreline presents a stunning view of red cliffs, sand dunes, and a pristine sandy beach. Marcelay faces the ocean and enjoys the immediate sound, smell, and beauty of the Gulf. Vacationing at Marcelay offers family and friends a chance to experience Prince Edward Island in all of its natural glory.

The name Marcelay (mar sha lee) derives from the first settler, who arrived in PEI in 1772 from Scotland with the Glenaladale settlers under the protection of Captain John MacDonald. Captain John, the Laird of Glenaladale, mortgaged his property in Scotland to aid the needy emigrants, who were suffering religious persecution, and to purchase an estate in PEI where they might settle. Marcelay was Caption Johnís niece and was given a grant, in her own right, of two hundred acres, stretching from sea to sea, with crude roads along the beaches and cliffs. Marcelay married Alexander and together they raised a large family and operated a hotel and shop (halfway house) on the site. About every ten miles along PEIís shore road there stood a halfway house, which offered respite and refreshments to travellers and traders. As the heirs of Marcelay and Alexander we take pride in maintaining that tradition.

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